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Dear Wendy,

I must say that I am pleasantly surprised at your immediate and courteous response. As you can imagine the vultures I have come across in my search for employment, I am honestly indebted to you for your faith in mankind as mine has been somewhat tainted with offers of riches for a price. I am not looking to get rich and I am not afraid of a little hard work to get what I earned, so I must thank you for this opportunity.

Rena T.


Hello wendy!

Thank you so much! I really needed to find work. It is just getting harder and harder for me with no incoming money!

Thanks again,
Brittney h.


I would like to thank this company very much for this chance ! I need to make money, yet have none to spare right now. Thank you again!

S. Schermerhorn


You don’t know how much my family and I appreciate your help. God Bless you. Thanks again for all your help.

Carl & Michele R.


Dear Wishmaker,

I appreciate making me a new homeworker. I’ve tried to find a job that I could work from home for a long time. I will work my hardest! I thank you again for choosing me for your new homeworker.

Thank you, Mistie W.




Pamela K.

We do not guarantee how much total income that you will make during the course of your work. This will depend on individual effort and time invested. Individual results will vary...


Type of Work:

Assembling Beaded Christmas Spiders. Payment Description: $12.00 per 24 spiders. This is an opportunity for your to make pretty crystal beaded Christmas spiders. These Christmas tree decorations are made with silver and gold threading, making them sparkle and shine wonderfully. Company will pay you $12.00 net for each unit assembled. The only tools required are scissors and a glue gun. The company will supply you with all the materials needed and they even pay for the return postage. To help you with your work, the company provides a telephone line to assist you.


Type of Work: Assembling Faith Bracelets. Payment Description: $118.00 for 33 bracelets. Make easy bracelets and earn extra cash. The skills needed are as simple as tying a knot. The company will pay $118.00 for every package of 33 bracelets made according to specifications. The breakdown is as follows: $100.00 for productions, $13.00 reimbursed supply cost and $5.00 for shipping.


Type of Work: Assembling Glass Beaded Earrings Payment Description: $542.25 for 75 earrings This company is offering extra cash for making gift products. No experience required and no selling involved. These beautiful earrings come in 3 wonderful designs you can choose from and their colors are completely up to your choice. The company will pay you $180.75 per package of 25 pairs of earrings, plus shipping.


Type of Work: Assembling Hair Ties Payment Description: $240.00 for 120 hair ties Don’t wait to join this company that offers you extra cash for assembling Snowy Mountain Hair Ties. They are very easy to make, requiring simply a glue gun. You will be paid $16.00 for every package of 8 hair ties.


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